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We have our own expert and ideal team of designers who update the surface design of various effects and colours, such as wood grain, stone grain, solid colour, marble grain, leather grain, and so on, on a monthly basis. We have cutting-edge design inspiration and concepts, as well as various styles of targeted colour schemes for different markets, to fulfil the aesthetic needs of diverse businesses and clients. We can supply customers with rapid and effective product solutions, as well as design and customization based on their needs.

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Marine laminated plywood

Melamine plywood

Our melamine plywood is made of substrate plywood and melamine impregnated adhesive paper.

uv chipboard

UV chipboard

UV decorative panel smooth and flat, wear resistance, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance to pollution, cold resistance.

high gloss mdf board

PET mdf board

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Special Products

We regularly update our new products every quarter

Slatwall panel

There are several colours for slatwall panels, displays, and accessories

WPC Wall Panel

WPC is an abbreviation for wood plastic composite, and it is a great alternative to traditional wood wall panels.

Our design

We provide the best services

1220mmx2440mm melamine plywood manufacturers Textile grain design | FM-2984
400-Warm white-16

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High-quality Core selection


Particle board

Chipboard (or “Particle board”) is a high density, tightly bonded, cost-effective board constructed of big wood particles in the core and smaller particles on sanded surfaces.

Plywood sheet

Plywood sheet is an engineered wood which is made by stacking several layers of wood veneers

plain mdf board

MDF board

MDF sheet is an engineered wood composite that is similar to particle board, but is much denser and stronger than particle board.

About us

Foresmate production line

foresmate factory

50 +




established in 1970

Our company has a well-managed production base, plywood production department, granular board production department, laminating department, uv department, and has a technical development department, color design department, purchasing department, quality management department, international Marketing Department, more than 300 employees, and a number of melamine paper and hpl paper cooperation relations.

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