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MDF Sheet

What is MDF sheet?

MDF (Medium density fiberboard), often known as medium density fiberboard, is a wood-based product whose major component is wood fiber (or wood pulp) manufactured soft and hardwood., adhesives, and certain other components (Paraffin, hardener…) are pressed under high temperature and pressure.

Structure of MDF sheet:​​​​​​

 MDF board is composed primarily of wood fiber (or wood pulp), glue, and a few other elements (Parafin, hardener…).

– The wood fibers (or wood pulp) in MDF panels are primarily derived soft woods. Certain hardwood ingredients may be added to achieve the desired wood type, depending on the manufacturer’s goal.

– Industrial plants (such as rubber, eucalyptus, acacia, pine, rag, oak, spruce), bagasse, wood waste, sawdust, or a blend of hardwood chips and soft wood chips are used to make MDF boards. In addition to the trunk’s wood, the input materials can include branches, corn husks, pieces, and sawdust the sawing operation.

mdf sheet


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Choice of different materials

MDF with melamine sheet advantages

– No warping, shrinking and termites like natural wood.

– In general, MDF boards are less expensive than plywood or natural wood.

– Because MDF has a fairly consistent structure, the cutting edge does not chip when sawing.

– Since MDF board’s surface is flat and smooth, it may be easily painted or laminated with other decorative surfaces such as Melamine or Laminate.

– Since the output is relatively steady and the processing time is short, it is appropriate for mass manufacturing of the same items, thereby saving money and lowering product costs.

– Because the surface can be much wider than real wood, it is easier to design and manufacture large-sized goods without the need for joining.

18mm mdf board

MDF board with melamine application

Cabinets and shelves
Decorative projects
Speaker boxes
Doors and door frames
Tradeshow booths and theater set construction

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