excimer surface board


Decors Excimer Board surface design

UV excimer board with skin sensing board using quasimolecule curing technology, the use of 172nm UV light irradiation, so that only a very thin surface of the coating is cured, the polymer crosslinking of this thin layer will shrink and form an unsmooth surface, and floating in the uncured liquid below, to achieve the effect of skin feeling, is a kind of board suitable for the whole house space.

Decors Excimer surface design UV panel

Matte face, soft skin feeling

Can not see the uniform and regular uneven surface with the naked eye. The nano-level corrugated structure presents a smooth and delicate hand feel like baby skin.

Anti-fingerprint, no marks

Scratch resistant, self repairing

4H surface hardness, improve the adhesion of the paint film, bring superior paint bonding strength, easy to cope with a variety of daily bumps and scratches.


Light scratch can be self-repaired after hot compress/heating such as hot towel.

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