foresmate plywood sheet

Plywood Sheet

What is plywood sheet?

Plywood is manufactured by bonding multiple layers of veneer together with an adhesive to produce a single flat sheet. Cross-grained construction ensure that the final product has high stability, doesn’t bend or warb and remains stable under changes of temperature and moisture.


  • Durable and light material, which can be easily processed.
  • Easy to cut and process on different lathes, including CNC machines
  • Suitable for varnishing, dipping, oil coating and painting.
  • Cross lamination of layers provides improved strength capabilities.
  • Surface dimensional stability
  • Environmentally friendly, recyclable product


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Choice of different materials

Melamine plywood sheet advantages

  • High Strength and Dimensional Stability
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Panel Shear or Braced Panels Shear
  • Water and Chemical Resistance
  • Flexibility or Bendability
  • Fire Resistance
  • Sound and Thermal Insulation
Thickness5mm to 25mm
Core panelPoplar Eucalyptus Birch Combine
SurfaceVeneer,UV,PET,Melamine paper
GlueE0, E1, E2,WBP,MR
Lead TimeDelivery time about 15-20 days.
Edge bandingPVC/Acrylic/ABS Edge Banding produced in our own factory, and colors will be 99% similar with the board
plywood sheet core

Melamine ply board application

In this type of construction, aesthetics and appearance take priority. This is because the foundation of the walls and roofs are already laid out, requiring minor aesthetic touch-ups. Interior plywood is not very resistant against outdoor elements and tends to degrade quickly when exposed to moisture and heat.

Some of the popular applications for interior plywood include indoor furniture, interior cladding, and ceilings.

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