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Decors UV surface design

We have our own professional and perfect team of designers, who update the surface design of different effects and colors every month, including wood grain, stone grain, solid color, marble grain, leather grain and so on. We have the most cutting-edge design inspiration and concept, and have different styles of targeted color schemes for different markets, which can meet the aesthetic needs of different markets and customers. We Can provide customers with timely and effective product solutions, and can also be designed and customized according to customer requirements.


Glossy plywood is wear-resistant, environmental protection, moisture-proof,


High gloss board is the production of good products, so the installation is more convenient, as long as according to the size of the cutting can be installed, do not need to spray painting treatment, very time saving, labor saving.


Can also be matched with a variety of decoration styles, can be customized according to the different decoration needs of customers.


The surface is very smooth, so it is also very convenient in cleaning.

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