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Melamine Faced Chipboard

Is usually used for decoration of cabinets and furniture, but it can also be used for wall decorations

Wood Grain Melamine MDF Board

The paper foil is used to wrap the MDF sheet to protect it from moisture and make it more uniform

Melamine Paper Furniture Plywood

Is the perfect solution for any artificle board project. It protects your wood and adds to beauty, durability

PET High Gloss MDF Melamine Board

Is used to protect your furniture from scratches, rust and stains. It’s a good choice for panel type furniture

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Chipboard Sheet

Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) is ideal for a range of applications, including furniture and interior design. Melamine laminated chipboard qualities include water and scratch resistance and are easy to clean, making it a popular choice for kitchens.

Plywood Sheet

Plywood is manufactured by bonding multiple layers of veneer together with an adhesive to produce a single flat sheet. Cross-grained construction ensure that the final product has high stability, doesn’t bend or warb and remains stable under changes of temperature and moisture.

plain mdf board

MDF Sheet

MDF (Medium density fiberboard), often known as medium density fiberboard, is a wood-based product whose major component is wood fiber (or wood pulp) manufactured soft and hardwood., adhesives, and certain other components (Paraffin, hardener…) are pressed under high temperature and pressure.

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