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We offer a wide selection of melamine sheets in plain colors, wood grains, stone and woven design, as well as matching edgings, obtained from all the major producers.

Additionally, we offer a broad selection of laminate sheet in a wide spectrum of sizes, colors, and finishes.

Please tell us your requirements (e.g. color, core, environmental grade, etc.) so that we can calculate the total cost to your address.

The terms of trade we support are FOB,CIF

Your application

Give us an idea of what you are making i.e. is it an ‘appearance’ project or a prototype. It helps us to advise best on material choice and cost.

Materials & thicknesses

What materials / thicknesses you would like to use and whether you want to use our supply or your own. If you need to reproduce the style you like, please contact us to provide photos and materials.

Quantity you need

We need to know the quantity you require from each file so we can quote accordingly. Costs vary depending on the volume of an order, so it’s important to convey this information.

Full contact details

Your name, company name (if applicable) and most importantly your telephone number so we can get back to you for any questions we might have about your job.

Delivery or collection

The delivery time will be determined according to the product you require,usually delivery time about 7-20 days.Payment can be made by T/T,L/C or credit card, please contact for details

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How quick can I get a quotation?

If you need a costing urgently for a meeting, please make sure you add that into the uploader above and we can try to prioritise it for you.Making sure all the information we require is on your enquiry will help us get a costing back to you as quickly as possible, without having to ask you lots of questions.