Core Materials

High-quality Melamine Board Core selection


Chipbaord Sheet

Chipboard can be used to create modular furniture and storage systems. Its easy customization makes it ideal for building modular shelving units, wardrobes, and bookcases that can be easily reconfigured as needed. This flexibility is especially beneficial for those living in small spaces or those who frequently rearrange their furniture.

Plywood Sheet

Plywood sheet is a versatile material. The cost of plywood varies depending upon the properties and purpose. In routine interior work, one can use ordinary plywood which is economical and that for specific purpose like resistance to water, use standard waterproof plywood which will have a higher cost as compared to the regular one.

plain mdf board

MDF Sheet

MDF, also known a Medium Density Fiberboard, is a synthetic product comprised essentially of recycled wood particles and wood fibers held together by a resin binder or wax and compressed to form flat panels under extremely high temperatures.