4×8 waterproof particle board

4×8 waterproof particle board

What is 4×8 waterproof particle board?

That is why you should waterproof particleboard:

  • 4×8 waterproof particle board will ensure your furniture lasts through the years without cracking or warping.
  • It will make the wood more durable and strong.
  • It will make the wood stronger against spilled liquids or swelling in humid places.
4x8 waterproof particle board


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4×8 waterproof particle board quality features

  1. Reasonable cost: The production of chipboard from plantation wood and utilizing wood residues helps reduce manufacturing costs, making it more affordable compared to many other materials.
  2. Good load-bearing capacity: The high-temperature and high-pressure pressing process enhances the chipboard’s load-bearing capacity, meeting the requirements for strength and stability in various applications.
  3. Moisture resistance: 4×8 waterproof particle board is specially engineered with moisture-resistant adhesives, providing superior water and moisture resistance compared to conventional chipboards. This makes it suitable for applications in wet environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, or areas near entrances.
  4. Diverse colors and types: There are various colors and types of chipboard available, offering flexibility and choices for different projects and interior designs.
waterproof chipbaord 4x8 or 7x9
4x8 waterproof particle board(chipboard)

4×8 waterproof particle board of application

Kitchen worktops
kitchen cabinets
Flooring and underlay
Flatpack furniture
Building insulation
lower-density chipboard is also often used for:
Inner elements of furniture
Interior home accents
Trims and mouldings
Windows and doors
Soundproofing and acoustics Insulation

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